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12 Grilling Ideas for your Weber BBQ this Summer

  30/03/2019 at 14:16 pm
Father and Son cooking on BBQ

Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned cookout. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, there are so many different ways to use your Weber BBQ to create a variety of delicious meals that go beyond just burgers. Here are 12 unique grilling ideas that are perfect for summer.

1. Skewers for your whole meal

Who doesn’t love a good kebab? Not only are they incredibly versatile, but they’re super easy to prepare for large groups – especially if you have some picky eaters. With Weber’s rotisserie skewer system you can cook up to 12 skewers at once. All of your ingredients cook evenly while the rotisserie system spins, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Beyond your traditional meat and veggie skewers, why not try fruit kebabs for dessert, or wrap dough around the skewers by itself or with your favourite fillings for tasty breadsticks? The possibilities are endless with Weber rotisserie skewers.

2. Grilling for breakfast

Grilling isn’t just for lunch or dinner – you can also use your Weber BBQ for breakfast! Use the griddle pan to make all of your breakfast favourites, from sweet crepes and pancakes to savory omelettes and bacon. Enjoy the sunshine and grill your breakfast this summer.

3. Host happy hour

Long summer days call for happy hour get-togethers. Invite your friends over for refreshing beverages and tasty snacks from the barbecue. You can use your Weber Spirit griddle pan to make amazing appetizers like crab cakes, quesadillas, meatballs and so much more.

4. Grilled pizza nightBarbecueing Pizza

Get that authentic wood-fired pizza taste at home by grilling pizza on your Weber BBQ. The best part? You can do this on any type of Weber grill with the gourmet pizza stone, whether you have charcoal, gas or electric. Start off by preheating your pizza stone directly on the grill until it gets to 250 to 260 degrees. Then, simply roll out your dough (store-bought is fine!), add sauce, cheese and toppings to your liking and slide it onto the preheated pizza stone. Close the lid and let it cook for 10 to 12 minutes for a delicious, authentic, wood-fired pizza.

5. The juiciest rotisserie chicken

How many times have you tried to roast a chicken and ended up with dry meat? Never again with the Weber rotisserie, designed for easy spit roasting. Whether you’re doing a whole bird, leg of lamb, prime rib or really any joint of meat that you like, it will self-baste as it rotates, keeping the meat juicy and tender.

Barbecueing Pizza6. Healthy grilled fish that won’t fall apart

We’ve all been there – ruining a beautiful piece of fish on the grill when it gets stuck or flakes apart. Avoid this tragedy with the Weber fish basket. Made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel with handles on both sides so you can easily flip the entire basket to cook your fish evenly without it falling apart. You can even use it for meats, veggies and fruit!

7. Waffles any time of day

Whether you’ve become an avid breakfast griller or want to explore your inner foodie, the original Gourmet Barbecue System Insert Waffle Iron is the perfect accessory to any Weber grill. Make perfectly golden-brown waffles topped with maple syrup, fresh fruit and whipped cream, or use waffles as buns for your burgers and sliders. Create the perfect combination of sweet and savory by pouring maple syrup over chicken and waffles.

8. Next-level pressed sandwiches and toasties

Once you’ve mastered waffles on the grill, use the waffle iron to make deliciously melty pressed sandwiches for a quick lunch or gourmet brunch. Your bread (or waffles!) will be perfectly toasted every time.

9. Bake fresh bread

That’s right – you can even bake bread on a Weber BBQ! Simply preheat the Gourmet Barbecue System Insert Dutch Oven on your grill and put your bread dough inside. This is the perfect way to make freshly baked bread on a hot summer day without overheating the entire house.

10. Make the best braised meat ever

The Dutch oven is incredibly versatile. You can make the best braised beef or braised chicken you’ve ever had by slow cooking it in your Dutch oven on the grill. Get that delicious barbecue flavour in your tender, juicy meat.

11. Stir fry quick and light meals

A stir fry is great for those nights when you just need to get dinner on the table. Throw whatever you have on hand – meats, veggies, tofu, seafood – into the Weber Wok with spices and flavourful sauces and explore a new type of Asian fusion with that iconic barbecue taste.

12. Make a variety of sliders

Dress up burger night by making an international feast of sliders. The Weber slider press creates uniform patties so you can grill up an entire menu of sliders at once. From classic barbecue bacon cheeseburgers to guacamole fajita sliders to teriyaki pineapple burgers, only your imagination is the limit.

Feeling inspired? Check out all of the Weber BBQs we have to offer and grab all the accessories you need to make these unique and delicious meals this summer.

By Barry Doyle