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Topiary Bay

  10/12/2014 at 16:22 pm


Rachel Doyle

As we are now getting ready for the Christmas festivities Bay Laurel (Laurus Nobilis) comes onto centre stage as a superb architectural tree to decorate your front door. It is a good all year round choice, as the leaves can be used in cooking. At Christmas time they look fabulous, decorated with Christmas lights and if you so wish some red bows. These topiary bay come in all shapes and sizes from balls at ground or pot level to pyramids and obelisks and to suit all budgets.


The most popular is the Bay clipped into mop heads or lollipops and they can add a real wow factor to any home.

When clipping bay try to remove entire leaf rather than cutting through them. This looks much better than having damaged leaves which would turn brown. When trimming cut back to the bud that is facing in the direction you want the new growth to travel in.

By Rachel Doyle