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There is a rose for every purpose

  22/07/2015 at 16:46 pm


Eamonn Wall - Head of Horticulture

You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out just how versatile garden roses are, with their adaptability to grow in a wide range of growing conditions. Once you establish what purpose you want your garden rose for, simply call in to our garden centre and within reason we will give you a rose to fit your purpose.

Roses for fragrance

Do not buy roses merely because they have a nice name, since many of these roses tend to lack one vital ingredient, fragrance. Colour and fragrance are often subjective, and may be interpreted in lots of different ways to many people. I always recommend to smell the roses and let your sense of smell decide. Rosa Arthur Bell is a beautiful soft yellow rose with a smell to die for. You could describe the smell as a bowl crushed summer fruits ready to be eaten.

Roses for ground cover

Well I have no hesitation choosing Rosa Wiltshire, which is part of the county collection of ground cover roses. This rose grows to about 60cm (2ft) and will be smothered in cerise pink flowers from early summer up to early winter. So if you are looking for a rose that is as tough as old boots, this rose is guaranteed to grow with the minimum of care and will even survive with neglect. When it comes to pruning simply grab the hand sheers, then give it a short back and sides and it will bounce back bigger and better.

Roses for Arches

The biggest problem when covering arches with roses is of course the thorns. Simply find a rose that will climb, look good, have fragrance and be thorn free. Rosa Zephirine Drouhin (Thornless Climber) has the ability to be grown as a bush or climber and will even happily flower in sun or dappled shade. Rich pink sweetly scented blooms that fade to pale pink, in contrast to dark green leaves make this rose a renowned climber for shady gardens.

Roses for cutting

You could not talk about roses without picking a rose for cutting. So if you want that perfect garden rose for cutting, look no further than the award winning Rosa Old Port.


To do list:

1.Continue to weed and hoe to reduce competition between your crops. This will also eliminate pest hiding among the weeds.
Tip: Do not wait until weeds have gone to seed. A little weeding and often will save you hours of hard work and your plants will grow bigger and stronger. In garden borders remember to mulch as it saves time weeding and retains more moisture for your plants to grow.

2. In the glass houses ensure that you ventilate during hot weather. Cooling down glass houses will prevent leaf scorch, leaf curl and green back on tomatoes. These problems are usually caused by extreme temperature fluctuations.
Tip: Damping down, this is where you wet hard surfaces in the glass house (floor). This will cool the glass house and raise humidity. Use shading that can easily be taken down during wet weather. (Wind-break is great for shading).

By Eamonn Wall