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Now is the time to plant spring bulbs

  20/08/2014 at 12:12 pm

Many people have the misconception that you need to have a garden to appreciate spring bulbs, but quite the contrary more than 50% of spring bulb sales are to people planting in containers. We all have that empty pot lying around or that planted container sitting on the patio, which would appreciate a little colour come next spring.

Spring bulbs are by far the easiest of plants to grow, and you only have to think of your favourite colour and there’s a bulb with your name on it waiting to be planted. By now you are saying to your self, he’s talking about spring bulbs and we haven’t even started winter, well sorry to jump the gun as they say, but when it comes to gardening you simply have to plan ahead. As I said last week you will be amazed at just how many customers call into their local garden centre looking to plant spring bulbs when they see them flowering in their neighbours garden, by then you have missed the boat. The correct time to plant spring bulbs is in autumn which is from August to November.

Simply a Classic: No matter how much hybridizing of bulbs, you will never beat the classic yellow daffodil that has become synonymous with spring bulbs. By careful selection you can have your daffodils flowering from February to May. If you plant now you can even have fragrant Paperwhites flowering indoors for Christmas. Daffodils are ideal for containers, beds or naturalising in grassy areas.

This Season’s Must Haves: There is nothing more stunning than tulips in borders with matching colour displays, as if they had been picked from the latest colour chart. Some of the bigger bulb suppliers are now offering bulbs in packs where they have picked the perfect planting partners, offering a new and unique way of choosing bulbs that are this season’s must haves. Tulips are excellent for containers, beds and borders.

Showpiece: Ornamental alliums to me are the real show stoppers in the bulbs world, although they do not flower until late spring-early summer. Like their family relative’s garlic and onions they are best planted in the autumn. A visit to the Great Pavilion at Chelsea is a must see, to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of alliums.


By Eamonn Wall