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How To Sow The Perfect Lawn

  23/04/2014 at 16:53 pm

What type of lawn do you want?


Luxury Lawn/No1 Grass Seed Mix like Westland Finest Grade Lawn Seed

- Velvet green and of Wimbledon appearance

- Will not stand up to hard wear of constant feet

- You must provide more care and feeding

- More precise preparation is required

- Will not stand up to very hard wear


Utility Grade Lawn/No 2 Grass Seed Mix like Westland Multi- Purpose Lawn Seed

- Withstands moderate neglect and bad maintenance

- Stand up to children playing constantly on lawn

- Perfect lawn for outdoor living areas

- More tolerant to draughts

Sowing Time

- Best time to sow mid August to September

- Next best: April

- All other times, irrigation must be provided



- Soil must be free from annual and perennial weeds

- Using a glysophate-based weed killer can kill all weeds.

- Applied minimum 4 days before seed sowing.

- Product name: Roundup 


- Soil must be dug/rotavated to obtain a fine tilth

- All stones must be removed

- Soil must be firmed in, this can be achieved by using a roller or walking in with your feet

- Level soil using a lawn rake prior to sowing

- Lightly rake 2 oz per sq yard (56 gm per sq m) of Growmore fertiliser

- 7 days prior to seed sowing

Sowing The Seed

- Application rate of 1.5 oz per sq yard (42gm per sq m)

- Divide seed into four equal parts and sow evenly as possible

- Lightly rake in seed after sowing


- Autumn Time takes 1-2 weeks

- Spring Time takes 2-3 weeks

Take Care

- New lawns should be tendered carefully until established

Water carefully when necessary

- Do not apply weed killers to new lawns

- Apply fertilisers containing no moss or weed killers

By Eamonn Wall