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Autumn Time, Planting Time

  22/08/2013 at 09:22 am

Here at Arboretum, not only are we getting ready to winter-proof our gardens, we’re also getting prepared for spring! As the autumn sets in and the trees become alive with bursts of orange and rustic reds, remember to give your garden and plants some TLC before the winter chill arrives. Here are a few key points to keep in mind for your garden this autumn:


- Plant spring bulbs: Prepare to fill your garden with colour and life in spring by planting your bulbs now. Daffodils and tulips are always springtime favourites so don’t be disappointed next spring – get planting now! Planting your bulbs during September and October is essential to avoid your bulbs getting damaged in the frosty winter weather. Before planting, double check all bulbs to make sure they are firm, fresh and healthy.

- Plant seed potatoes for Christmas: Get tasty new potatoes from your own garden just in time for Christmas! If planted now, you can reap the rewards of fresh and delicious seed potatoes… we’re looking forward to Christmas dinner already!

- Garden Tools: There’s plenty to keep you busy in the garden over the autumn! With a great range of rakes, trowels, forks and trimmers, Arboretum has everything you need to keep your garden looking trim and tidy over the coming months.

- Furniture & bbq covers: As the cold and damper weather begins to drift our way over the coming months, make sure your outdoor furniture and BBQs are protected against the elements – it will be no time until you’re dining alfresco once more! From BBQ covers to wood protector and varnishes all available from Arboretum, your outdoor furniture and accessories will look as good as new come springtime!

- Plant hanging baskets, containers and pots: Maintain some colour in your garden throughout the winter months with some hardy winter plants like violas, cyclamens, ivy, pansies and cyclamens. These low maintenance plants are the perfect outdoor addition, adding a burst of life to your hanging baskets or pots.

- Garden Pots: The winter months may be dark but keep things bright and fun in the garden with some colourful plants! Check out the funky and durable Elho range or the cute country Apta collection.

By Arboretum